We'd like to say "Thank You!"


The 2018 PSPOA Memorial Golf Tournament was a great success. I would like to thank all of our sponsors, many of whom help us every year. I would like to thank the 248 players also many of whom play every year and our volunteers.  To view some photos from the event - click here. 

We had 14 law Enforcement agencies represented as well as our brothers at Palm Springs Fire dept.. as well as 3 teams from the USMC. many traveled a long way to participate and I thank you for that. The local players and supporters mean so much to our association and to the success of this event.

We have Lost 9 officers in California so far this year (see image below) and this tournament honored their sacrifice and supports their families. If you run into any of our sponsors and supporters please thank them and support their businesses, (click here to view our sponsors list.) Without them we could not do this for 21 years.

May you all have a great holiday season and and a great 2019.

My Love and Respect to you all.

Sincerely, Dan Rose

Fallen PSPOA 11 2018