The PSPOA's Service

PSPOA boardofdirectors

The PSPOA Serves The City of Palm Springs And It's Members With Honor and Pride

The goal of Palm Springs police officers is to partner with the community and provide quality police service through community interaction, emphasizing the highest degree of cooperation, professionalism and ethical behavior, and to create an atmosphere of safety and security. Our community policing approach helps neighborhoods keep safe by working with our police officers daily. The PSPOA is active in our community and many of our members volunteer in Palm Springs and the communities where they live.

 The Palm Springs POA is the union body of the sworn men and women of the Palm Springs Police Department. We provide the following services to our members:

Member Advocacy: The PSPOA advocates the rights of our members by providing specific job-related legal defense representation.

Active legal representation by experienced police attorneys or Board representatives when accused administratively. (ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE) Experienced police attorney representation when criminally charged for job-related conduct. (ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE) Case monitoring by experienced attorneys when civilly sued for on-duty actions. .(ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE) Active representation by Board representatives when member called as a witness. (ACTIVE) Response to all major critical incidents to facilitate legal representation and support for all members involved. (ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE) PSPOA affords access to experienced police attorneys on police identification and concealed weapon (CCW) issues. (RETIRED) PSPOA provides consultation and limited representation with experienced police attorneys on non-employment use-of-force incidents involving discharge of personal firearm. (RETIRED)

Collective Bargaining: The PSPOA negotiates as the official representative in matters pertaining to wages, benefits and working conditions.

Formally negotiates wages, benefits and work conditions with the City of Palm Springs and PSPD management. (ACTIVE & ASSOCIATE)Response to MOU violations by investigating, researching, and filing grievances. (ACTIVE) Conducts "Meet and confer" meetings with the City of Palm Springs and PSPD management. (ACTIVE) Considers mediation and binding arbitration on serious disputes following impasse. (ACTIVE) Conducts ongoing research for use in negotiations and labor / management discussions. (ALL) Lobbies at the federal, state, and local levels on issues that affect social security, retirement plans, and other benefits. (ALL) Pursues opportunities that affect wages, benefits and working conditions outside the MOU. (ACTIVE & RESERVE) Provides current MOU "contract" to its members. (ACTIVE)

Public Relations: The PSPOA seeks to promote a positive law enforcement image via various forms of public outreach.

Provides several competitive academic scholarships to dependents of its members and Palm Springs High School Seniors. Board members regularly attend numerous civic, political and labor organization events to advance member interests. Conducts political activity at local, regional, state and national level to defend existing rights and pursue new or enhanced benefits.Hosts a web site for member use and external public relations. Board members regularly serve in external organizations that advance member interests. Networks with outside individuals and organizations to bring recognition and honor to the profession and to those who have served.

Member Services / Benefits: PSPOA provides fraternal services and benefits to its members and their families.

Hosts seasonal member events throughout the year to promote fraternity. Provides critical incident support to members and family during traumatic events. Provides group access to qualified professionals for insurance, investment, financial and retirement planning needs. $5,000 AD&D benefit via PORAC Memorial Committee. (ON-DUTY ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE/RESERVE) $1,000 AD&D benefit via PORAC Memorial Committee. (OFF-DUTY ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE/RESERVE) Provides for access to experienced attorneys for group (non-job) legal consultation.

Provides access to seasonal member events, discounted entertainment & events, member facilities and membership hall and internet "member-only" area.